Single cell protein

Single Cell Protein (SCP)

Single Cell Protein(SCP) is the biomass produced in large scale by microbes like Spirulina, Chlorella on industrial scale. They are good alternative source proteins for human beings and animals. It is a protein value added food derived from a culture of a single celled organisms, used as a source of food supplement. These are also called as microbial protein.
Single Cell Protein (SCP) is a microbial biomass produced by growing unicellular microorganism and it is used as food additives. SCP can be obtained from Spirulina (algae) Methylophilus methylotrophus(bacteria). Now a days are grown on large scale as a source of protein. Spirulina tablets available in the market are a supplementary source of proteins, minerals, vitamins, fats and carbohydrates. They contain higher proteins than other nutrients. Some SCP are a rich source of Vitamin B-Complex. SCP can be extracted from unicellular organism like algae, Yeast, bacteria, Fungi normally can be grown on agricultural wastes.Single Cell Protein were first used by German during first world war. Some microorganism has ability to upgrade low protein content.
Best example of Single Cell Protein is a Spirulina which has great nutritional value, provide great health benefits to mankind. It is used by astronauts and actress. It is loaded with proteins, vitamins. It prevents the accumulation of cholesterol in human body and lowers blood sugar level.


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