Banana a superfood.

A banana is an edible fruit.It is a berry type of fruit botanically.Scientific name of banana is
Musa paradisiaca (Family-Musaceae) It is accepted name for hybrid variety between Musa acuminata and Musa balbisiania. a major crop of Khandesh from Maharashtra region. More than 20 types of banana species are grown in India.It grows upto 6 meters, it is tree like perennial  herb.Plant has a stalk made up of leaves rolled tightly around each other, It is propagated through vegetative propagules. Each plant from stalk, grows a big bunch of 50 to 200 banana after complete vegetative growth.The largest bunch,according to Guinness World Records weighed about 130 kg.Only one bunch grows on each plant.It is developed from spadix type of inflorescence.Main type of flowers are female flowers,which develops into fruit and male flowers.After harvesting the plant is cut down .A new plant arise from an underground stem .Banana crop requires warm and wet climate .Besides India in South Asia Africa, Central and South America banana are grown.They are grown in more than 135 countries. Worlds largest producers of banana is India and China.  Fruit size,colour, firmness is variable.

Bananas are used to make delicious cream pies,cakes, chips, breads, fruit salads,deserts,even they are cooked and served as a vegetable.When banana is used for cooking ,they are called as Plantains. Nutritional  value of banana is very high.Bananas are a great dietary source of various elements. It contain Fibers, carbohydrates ,protein, vitamins like Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin C, Minerals like iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Potassium,sodium, zinc and lots of water. It gives instant energy.Various dishes can be made from banana like banana bread, banana cake,banana appam,banana balls,banana muffins,banana shake,banana halwa (sheera),banana smoothie,mix fruit shakes,etc.Ripened banana is famous superfood.


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  2. Very nice and scientific information, bannana is highly nutritious fruit it can be easily available and affordable to all rich and poor. We can provide this fruits in this pandamic period to people who are starving because of food where ever possible.

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