Q. 1: The act of growing plants inside the house is called ---------
     1. Indoor gardening  2. outdoor gardening  
     3. rock gardening      4. all of these
     Correct Option = 1
 Q.2: Cycas plant is commonly called as -------
     1. Areca palm      2. Sago palm 
     3. Palm                4. All of these 
     Correct Option = 2
 Q. 3: Scientific name of golden Pothos is -------
     1. Epipremnum aureum 2. Zamia furfuracea
     3. Cycas revoluta           4. Syngonium podophyllum 
     Correct Option = 1
 Q. 4: Scientific name of Goose foot is------------ 
      1. Epipremnum aureum  2. .Zamia furfuraceas 
      3. Cycas revoluta            4. Syngonium podophyllum 
      Correct Option = 4
 Q. 5: Cultivation of plants that require a low amount of light and water to thrive are typically known          as--- 
     1. Indoor gardening       2.outdoor gardening
     3. landscape gardening  4. None of these 
     Correct Option = 1 
Q. 6: The indoor plants shows following characters----------- 
     1. Non decorative characters, large size variegated or coloured leaves 
     2. decorative characters, interesting shape, variegated or coloured leaves. 
     3. both 1 and 2         
     4. none of these
     Correct Option =2 
 Q. 7: Pothos is commonly called as---------
      1.Rose plant    2.Money plant   
      3.Sago palm    4. Areca palm 
     Correct Option = 2 
Q. 8: The art of growing plants inside the house, an apartment, an office, restaurant or any enclosed                 area is------
      1. outdoor gardening  2. Indoor gardening
      3. Rock gardening      4. All of these
     Correct Option =2
 Q. 9: Ficus elastica belongs to-------family 
     1. Cactaceae      2. Moraceae 
     3. Rosaceae       4. Caesalpiniaceae 
     Correct Option = 2 
Q. 10: Indoor plants are generally----  - 
     1. Sun loving           2. Shade loving 
     3. Sea water loving  4. None of these      
     Correct Opotion=2


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