Brahma Kamal ,know the facts

The scientific name of Brahma Kamal is Saussurea obvallata,commonly known as Queen of night or Lady of the evening.It is belonging to family Asteraceae. It is a beutiful flower named after Lord Brahma, the God of creation,remains intact throughout its life cycle.Flowers has strong fragrance to attract the pollinators at night. Blooming occurs around July to Septeber.Flower may be upto 8 inches in diameter.It takes 2 hours to bloom at night.It is also known night blooming Cereus,lotus like white flower exposing its star like petals.Mostly it is native from India to southeast China.In Himalayas it is found at high altitudes of around 4500 meters also in the valley of flower
.Due to excessive harvesting now in Uttarakhand for relegious purposes has threatend the survival of plant species.Now we have to conserve this precious plant. Brahma Kamal is a State flower of Uttarakhand.


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