1.. Basidiocarp consist of a fleshy stalk called -------and umbrella like head borne on its top called -----

a) Hyphae and Seta b) Seta and Annalus c) Annalus and  Antheridia d) Stipe and Pileus

2. From mushrooms ------dishes can be prepared

a) Mushroom omelet b) Mushroom soup c) Pickle d) All of these

3.. In Agaricus bisporous number of basidiospores in each  basidium are-----

a) One b) Two c) Three d) Four

4.The common name for Pleurotus sajor-kaju is-----

a) Button mushroom b) Paddy straw mushroom c) Wheat mushroom d) Oyster mushroom

5. Canning, drying, pickling methods are included in------preservation.

a) Short term storage b) Long term storage c) Temporary storage d) All of these

6. Living ramified mycelium of mushroom is------

a) Spawn b) Stem c) Rhizoid d) Root

7. .----- is used for drying purpose of mushroom for preservation.

a) Home drier b) Frezeer c) Both the above d) None of these

8.Mushroos can be stored more effectively at ---- stage  in case of Agaricus.

a) Fully grown stage b) Button stage c) Mature stage d) None  of these

9. .Mushrooms shelf life is ------normally.

a) 1 day to 2 weeks  b) 10 days  c) 5 years  d) 15 years

10. 10.Basidiospores are----------spores.

a) Exogenous  b) Endogenous   c) Both the above  d) None  of these



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