Aliv or Halim seeds nutritional benefits

 Aliv or Halim seeds  nutritional benefits

Aliv seeds are the seeds  obtained  from an edible herb  having scientific name Lepidium sativum belongs to family Brassicaceae. It is traditionally used because of their nutritional value. It is also known as Garden cress.

1) Rich in carbohydrates, proteins  but zero fat content 

2) Contain fibre, relatively high amount of vitamin A , vitamin C, Vitamin K ,Potassium 

3) Boost immunity

4) Boost bone health

5) Helpful in weight loss

5) Promote heart health

6) Help breast milk production in lactating mother

7) It is loaded with iron, calcium ,folate 

You can soak aliv seeds in a water or warm milk for one to two hours  in a bowl, its makes it soft and swells to produce jelly like consistency. Take 100 ml milk without cream ,boil it add sugar according to taste and dry fruits according  to nutritional  requirement. 


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