It is one  of the most favorites  drink in Konkan .It is a excellent appetizer  usually taken with rice.Specially after eating spicy food .  Solkadhi or Kokum curry is considered as a beverages .Easy to make can be prepared within 1o mimutes.

1.Take Nicely blend of mildly sweet raw coconut milk ,( liquid extract of fresh coconut milk -1 glass

2. Take sour kokam extract /agal -25 ml

3.You can add some spices like chili, garlic ,coriander  or skip this step


1. Rid to the body hit reduce pitta /acidity. 

2.Good for digestion ,also helps in reducing itchiness from heat rash.

3. It promotes the weight loss by curbing appetite. 

4.It contains lots of antioxidants that boost skin health. It is consumed as an appetizer before meals or post meal.


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