Sesame health benefits

 Sesame health benefits.
Sesamum  indicum is cultivated for its edible oil from its seeds in tropical regions. It is belonging to family Pedaliaceae. Seeds are edible.
·        Nutritionally contain carbohydrates, fats, protein, vitamins, minerals.
·        Contain sesamol and sesaminol an active principle.
·        Source of fiber.
·        Boost bone health.
·        Source of vitamin B (B1, B3, B6)
·        Contain less carbohydrates and high protein, fats.
·        Sesame oil is used as cooking oil.
·        Sesame oil (Til oil) is used as Ayurvedic medicine for massage from ancient time.
·        Oil is used in cosmetics.
·        Oil is used as a flavor enhancer.
·        Diet rich in sesame prevents heart diseases.
·        Improve hair health.
·        You can add sesame seeds in a variety of dishes, use sesame oil for cooking,


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