What are the benefits of eating Jaggery?

What are the benefits of eating Jaggery?

Jaggery is an unrefined product obtained from sugarcane plant Saccharum officinarum is commonly called as Gur in Hindi and Gul or Gud in Marathi. It is concentrated product of cane juice; a sweetener has immense health benefits.

Health benefits of jaggery
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1.     It cures constipation.

2.     It detoxes liver, a natural internal body cleanser.

3.     Jaggery is rich in minerals like potassium, zinc, Calcium, phosphorus, sodium ,selenium etc.

4.     Loaded with antioxidants.

5.     Helps in weight loss.

6.     Purifying blood.

7.     Helps in preventing anemia.

8.     Regulate blood pressure.

9.     Instant Source of energy.

10.  It is better than sugar.


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