Rafflesia arnoldii A largest Angiospermic Flower.It's a Parasite.

  • Rafflesia is a genus from parasitic flowering plants.It has more than 28 species. Rafflesia is belonging to family Rafflesiaceae. It is native of Sumatra,Indonesia,Malaysia, Phillipines. Rafflesia is known as state flower of Indonesia.Commonly it is called Corpse lily or Meat flower.Plant lacks root ,stem,leaves.It absorb nutrients from host plant, from vines Tetrastigma .Each flower has 3 feet diameter, It weigh about 10  kg .,5 petals. It is noted for largest individual angiospermic flower on earth. Its smell is like dead fish. Foul odour attracts insects like flies which help the flower to transfer pollen grains from male to female flower.Most of the species of Rafflesia have seperate male and female flowers.Few are hermaphordite.  

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