What is Indoor gardening? Some popular indoor plants.

         It is garden made inside the house or room with appropriate indoor plants for decoration. An art of making an Indoor garden is called as Indoor gardening. It is an art of growing plants inside the house, an apartment, an office, shops, clubs, hospitals, restaurant or any closed area for interior decoration. It is never out of season. It is a joyful activity to many particularly, those living in cities where they do not have open space for garden. A single plant in a home can become enough for interior decoration. Thus, house plant is grown in places such as residences and offices, mostly for decorative purpose. Mostly tropical, semitropical, epiphytes, succulents are selected as indoor plants.

Popular house plants for Indoor gardening. There are variety of colors and forms in the foliage. They are ideal for a window and, poarch.
 1.Indian Rubber plant
.Ficus elastica
Family- Moraceae
Popularly known as Indian Rubber plants. It grows to height of about 33 meters in nature. It is cultivated as a room plant by restructuring   the height from 60 cm to 2.5 met. By bending back and pruning the branches.
          2.Coleus species
Plectranthus scutellarioides
Family- Lamiaceae
Nephrolepis exaltata
Due to attractive foliage of ferns make them useful decorative pot plants for poarch and drawing rooms.An evergreen perennial herbaceous plant.   
Syngonium podophyllum
These are the typical indoor plants. Golden Pothos. Commonly known as money plant. It is climber, leaves have bright yellowish patches which increase the beauty of foliage.
Cycas revoluta
Commonly known as ‘Sago Palm’ with palm like feathery, shiny, dark, leathery. Foliage highly attractive.
6.Chlorophytum comosum
It is herb with a lanceolate leaf.
Sansevieria trifasciata
A medium tall plant with stiff erect and decorative leaves which ate green or variegated.

       8. Dracaenas
Draceana fragrans
Many species are effective indoor plants with their recurred foliage. Pot species are preferred in table decoration.
     Maintenance of Indoor plants
Indoor plants need the correct moisture, light, soil mixture, temperature, fertilizer, container, and proper humidity.

·   Containers- Use any suitable pots. Cement concrete pots, Earthen pots, plastic pots, fiber pots, decorative basket containers are available in market.
The room plants can be kept in a healthy state indoors plants indefinitely required care. Care is taken with their position in room, soil and water requirement and cultural practices.

·       Position of plant-All plants requires fresh air and light Window is best place for a room plant.

·       Soil- 2 parts of loam and 1 Part of leaf mould (organic matter like cow dung) and 1 part of sand These soils are mixed before use. Soil mixture should not be too dry nor too wet at the time of potting.

·    Watering- Care should be taken of newly potted plants till the plant establishes itself. The plant should be watered when the plant is moderately or dry once in a day in summer.

·      Dust -is an enemy of indoor plants. The leaves should be washed twice a week with sponge. It also helps to keep insect away.

Repotting-As plant grow, they need repotting. This should be done as per the requirement of potted plant.

                                    Create a indoor gardening and and enjoy greenery 


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