How to prepare mushroom soup?

Hello, in this blog I have shared with you a recipe of mushroom soup. Many tasty dishes can be prepared out of mushrooms. It is always better to consume fresh mushrooms. Muhrooms are commonly used in various food items all over the world. Mushrooms do not have their own taste and flavour. Spices adds aroma and taste. MUSHROOM SOUP- Ingredients: Mushrooms-125 gms, Butter- 2 table spoon, Corn flour- 1 table spoon, onion -1 medium sized,
salt and black pepper-According to taste, Water-100ml, Procedure- Wash and chop mushrooms and onions. Take saucepan, heat butter over medium flame. Saute mushrooms and onion until it become tender. Mixed corn flour in a water, add salt black pepper according to taste and boil till it becomes smooth. stir till it becomes thick boil it for 4 mins, serve hot soup. Enjoy the nutritious mushroom soup with low calories ,best vegan food. It is Mushrooms have been known to promote weight loss and fat burn by regulating the glucose level in the blood.


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