How to make Passion fruit juice and what are the benefits of Passion fruit ?

Passiflora edulis belonging to family Passifloraceae. It is commonly called as a passion fruit.
It is cultivated in tropical and subtropical region for sweet fruits.Passiflora lingularis is one another species grown in many tropical region.There are 12 genera and more than 500 species.They are yellow, red,purple and green.It is also called as sweet Grandila.It is perrenial fast growing exotic vine.Fruit has tough outer and inner juicy pulp with seed filled at center.It is rich source of vitamin C,Iron,magnesium,phosphorus,vitamin B6 and Vitamin B3.It is rich in antioxidents, minerals and fibres,It contain potassium and low sodium,reduce excess cholesterol.Orange yellow fruit is excellent quality fruit with aromatic pulp.Eating passion fruit regularly may help to prevent constipation and improve digestion and help for good health. How to make juice from passion fruit?-Remove tough part of fruit,remove pulp from fruit, separate seeds from fruit.Mix the pulp in a mixer jar add water and sugar to make a drink.You can add it in another fruit juices like pineapple or orange.You can make jam or jelly from pulp.Enjoy flavoured passion fruit juice.


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