How to select Hanging Basket Plants?

Hanging Basket Plants-A nice place where indoor plants can be displayed is the sun poarch or a the balcony of our sweet home facing east or south.This is an ideal codition for an indoor gardening.If the space is limited,indoor plants can be grown in basket containers or hanging pots suspended from the ceiling as they add colour,beauty to bare walls. Selction of containers-Decorative plastic hanging pots with detachable bottom saucers to drain off excess water are selected.Hanging baskets are supported by ornamental nylon colourful ropes available in market.Plastic hanging basket pots are of various sizes,shapes and are attractve.These hanging pots have wire chains or ropes for suspension metal hooks fitted on balcony ceiling can support the weight of pots it's media and plant.Ornamental foliage plants are best suitable for hanging basket. A container when filled with the pot mixture is ready for planted rooted cuttings.Avoid excess watering.Fully grown plants can be displayed in hanging basket. plants suitable for hanging basket-A succulents or annual herbs with compact growth and drooping habit are ideal choice ex. Asparagus spregneri,Begonia callisa,Pilea microphylla,Tradescantia,Portulaca,Chlorophytum comosum,Sedum species,Bryophyllum etc


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