Multiple Choice Questions on Bacteria

 Multiple Choice Questions on Bacteria.

1) The bacteria are----------

a) eukaryotic

b) prokaryotic

c) both a and b

d) none of these

2) Citrus canker is caused by -------

a) Azotobacter

b) Xanthomonas citri

c) Pseudomonas

d) E.coli

3)Which of the following is a bacterial disease?

a) Small pox

b) Influenza

c) Tuberculosis 

d) Rabbies

4)Typhoid fever is---------

a) viral

b) bacterial

c) fungal

d) none of the above

5) Bacteria were first discovered by----

a) L.Pasteur

b) Koch

c) T.J.Burill

d) Antony Von Leeuvenhoek

6) Bacterial staining procedure was discovered by-------

a) Robert Koch

b)  Christian Gram

c) John Mendel

d) Pasteur

7) True nucleus is absent in------

a) Bacteria

b) Cyanobacteria

c) Blue Green Algae

d) All of the above

8) Lactic acid fermentation of daily milk is carried by------ bacteria.

a) Lactobacillus

b) Rhizobium

c) Azotobacter

d) Pseudomonas

9) Blackarm of cotton disease  is caused by---------- pathogen.

a) Xanhomonas citri

b) Xanthomonas  malvacearum

c) Salmonella typhi

d) Bacillus cereus

10) Nitrogen fixing bacteria are present in the roots of members of family--------

a) Rosaceae

b) Fabaceae

c) Malvaceae

d)  Rutaceae



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