Dragon fruit.

 Dragon fruit-Hylocereus undatus (Cactaceae)

It is vine like cactus grown as an   ornamental as well as crop plant. It is from Cactaceae family.Fruit is decorative with bright red skin with reddish green scales. Fruit contain white juicy flesh . Plant is also known a Pitaya./dragon fruit.It is tropical fruit plant.Flowers opens only at night.

Dragon Fruit

 .H.undatus,H.megalathus,H.costaricensis are some species of dragon fruit plant.

Importance of fruit

1.Rich in fibre.

2.Contain high amount of Magnesium.

3.Vitanin C

4.Useful to increase iron level in blood ,hence increase haemoglobin % in blood

5.Improves metabolism.your skin.

6. Use for body detoxification

7.Contain low calories,Regulate blood pressure.

8.Boost immune system.

9.Rich in antioxidents.

10..Best in chronic diseases like heart diseases,arthritis.  


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