When garden is of sufficient size to allow room for it,nothing is more ornamental than specious piece of lawn or a grass plot.It is more especially is the surface of cool green that presents soothing and refreshing to the eye in the upper provinces,when the around during the hot months lies all parched and bare.The grass mainly used for lawns in India is called doob -grass Cynodon dactylon also called Hariyali in South a plant of trailling habit,not growing high and when vigourous growth looks soft dark green.The piece of ground intended for a lawn should be well dug and then made perfectly level and smooth. Drills should then be drawn over a foot apart in which little pieces of roots of doob grass should be planted out at the distance of half a foot from each other and the ground afterwards watered occasionally,till the grass has become throughly eastablished. The soil must be constantly moist throughout the year.During dry months daily irrigation is required.Weeds like Cyperus rotundus and other weeds should be removed.Remove the top six inches of soil all over the plot and heat it for a day over a slow fire composed of all available garden refuse. The soil must be baked but must reach at least 60 degrees centigrades.The tubers and seeds of other unwanted plant in such soils are killed,then grass planted in it.In a few days the grass will spring up with great regularity over a plot.Maintenance of lawn is essential practice.


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