Multiple Choice Questions on Plant Anatomy

 Multiple Choice Questions on  Plant Anatomy

 1) The study of internal organization of plant organ is called _______

a) Morphology      b) Plant anatomy
c) Plant taxonomy d) Plant embryology

2) Companion cells are found in _______
a) Xylem   b)
c) Stomata d) Endodermis

3) Xylem & Phloem are examples of _______
a) Simple tissue      b) Protective tissue
c) Epidermal tissue d)
Complex tissue

4) According to the location of meristem are classified _______
a) Apical, lateral, secondary b)
Apical, intercalary, lateral
c) Primary & secondary       d) None of these

5)The tissue which helps in photosynthesis are _______
a) Sclerenchyma b) Parenchyma
Chlorenchyma d) Aerenchyma

6)Which of the following plant cells will show totipotency?
a) Sieve tubes b) Xylem vessels
Meristem   d) Cork cells

7) Meristematic cells have _______
a) Thin walls b) Prominent nuclei
c) Compactly arranged d)
All of these

8) Xylem parenchyma is found in _______
) Xylem   b) Phloem
c) Stomata d) Endodermis

9) Find out the living xylem element.
a) Tracheid                  b) Fibres
Xylem parenchyma d) None

10) Aerenchyma are present abundantly in _______
a) Hydrilla       b) Eicchornia
c) Both a and b d) Rose



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