Botany is the subject which gives pleasure in the field study. It was September 2013 that we visited Kass and saw the rich blooming flora of wild plants, amazing beauty. Kaas plateau of flowers is located in Satara district of Maharashtra, India. The  forest are the host to rich biodiversity. This area also include  Panchgani's table land and  Kass plateau, The average height above the sea level is 1200 to 1300 meters. Every year nature celebrates  the festival of colors. Enjoy the tour truly nature friendly in September and October with scientific view with opened eyed----- It is 25 km away from Satara district H.Q and 20 km away from northern part of Koyana Sanctuary. Locally called 'Kass Pathar' OR Plateau  of Flowers' The major portion of plateau is reserve forest.

The geographical details of the plateau are as follows, Is covered  with 1142 hectares of forest land and total 1792 hectare in all. It is included in Biogeographical province 5B Western Ghats. Average rainfall is 2000 to 2500 mm .The porous laterite or Jambha rocky area with a thin layer of soil. There is Kassa lake. There is village kass too, with about 50-75 houses. The Ghat  is lined by evergreen forest and jungle path to left  towards the Ghatani temple and Sacred grove. This peculiar habitat is thus home to peculiar flora. We must conserve this natural heritage. There are more than 850 plant species noted .Out of 625 red data species,33 species reported from Kass plateau. There is is variety of fungi, lichens, mosses ferns, orchids, butterflies(Blue Morman) birds ,amphibians ,reptiles ,mammals. This plateau is declaire in 2012 World natural heritage by UNESCO. In this year in New Delhi the floerest plant and animals species photos are selected for Chitrarath on  Republic Day 2022. It is great honor of Kass plateau. 


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