How to prepare cocopeat at home?

 How to prepare cocopeat at home?

Kalpavruksha or Kalpataru is wish fulfilling Devine tree in Indian  religions .Each  part of coconut tree is utilized by mankind ,hence called as  Kalpavruksha, tree of wealth. The botanical name is Cocos nucifera  Lfrom Arecaceae. The plant is originally from southeast Asia . It is member of Palm family.

Cocopeat is nonfibrous material ,spongy ,light weight ,corky material that holds together the coir fibre in coconut husk .Cocopeat is used in horticulture. Cocopeat is excellent growing medium for home and lawn garden plants .It used in potted plants and media for a seed germination. It is a antifungal in nature. It is a multi purpose growing medium. 


Step1-Collect Coconut husk and store in a dry clean place

Step 2-Remove fibres, dry them from coconut fruit

Step 3-Grind them in a mixer grinder to make fine granular powder

Step4-Add water to moisten the cocopeat. make a  brick of it. Now it is ready for use. 

How to use?

Cocopeat can be added directly  into garden soil or you  can mix it in a soil in a proper proportion.


Cocopeat improve water retention ,aeration in soil.

It is antifungal hence decrease the risk of fungal diseases.

Used  as a mulch to retain moisture and also prevent weeds.


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