Soxhlet Appratus

 Soxhlet Appratus 

It is a p laboratory apparatus invented first in 1879 by Franz Von Soxhlet. It contain three main sections a percolator (Boiler and reflux) which circulate the solvent ,a thimble (made up of thick filter paper which retains the solid to be extracted and a siphon mechanism which periodically empties the thimble. It contain siphon top and siphon exit .Cooling water in and cooling water out



                                       Demonstration of working of Soxhlet Appratus

  • The source material containing the compound to be extracted is placed inside the thimble.
  • The thimble is located into the main chamber of Soxhlet extractor
  •  The extraction solvent used is placed in distillation flask. Solvent may be  ethanol, methanol distilled water ,acetone, chloroform etc.
  • .The flask is placed in heating chamber ,proper temperature is maintain according to which solvent is used for extraction 
  • The Soxhlet extractor is placed a top the flask
  • .A reflux condenser is placed a top the extractor.
  • Check the inlet and outlet siphon. Maintain proper temperature suitable for solvent.
  • Run this apparatus for 6 to 18 hours.
  • Collect the extract from flask filter through  filter paper store the extract in amber color bottle in a freeze.
  • Use this extract for phytochemical analysis 


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