Basic questions on Biology

1) During the DNA replication the synthesis of leading strand of DNA results in fragments known as---- a) Satellite segments 
b) Kornberg segment 
c) Okazaki fragments 
d) Tertiary segments 

2) Unwinding enzyme in DNA is ------ 
a) Ligase 
b) Helicase 
c) Exonuclease 
d) Endonuclease

3) Which enzyme is used to join the nicks in DNA strands?
a) DNA primase
b) DNA Polymerase
c) Helicase
d) Topoisomerase

4) Salt loving plants are called------
a) Mesophytes
b) Hydrophytes
c) Halophytes
d) Xerophytes

5) The photosynthetic pigments are  absent in which group of plants?
a) Algae
b) Fungi
c) Bryophytes
d) Pteridophytes

6) Pine, Cedar, Cycas, Pinus ,Fir plants belongs to------
a) Angiosperms
b) Gymnosperms
c) Pteridophytes
d) Bacteria

7) Ribosomes are the sites for---------
a) Respiration
b) Protein synthesis
c) Fat synthesis
d) Photosynthesis

8)  Which is outermost whorl of a flower is ?
a) Calyx
b) Corolla
c) Androecium 
d) Gynoecium

9) Cell wall of plant is made up of -------
a) Lipids
b) Lipoprotein
c) Cellulose
d) Kitten

10) Crossing over occurs in ------phase of meiosis.
a) Zygotene
b) Pachytene
c) Leptotene
d) Diakinesis


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