How to make raw Turmeric pickle/

 Raw Haldi / Turmeric pickle?

It is traditional Winter special  Maharashtrian recipe. Pickle is useful in arthritis, help in liver detoxification  increase immunity. It contain curcumin most active compound, which is used to improve heart health, prevent cancer and Alzheimer's diseases. It contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory constituents.


Two cup sliced fresh raw halad/Turmeric

One cup sliced sliced ginger

One cup fresh lemon juice

Three table spoon mustard seeds 

Salt according to taste

Asafetida -2 pinch

Groundnut oil 4  table spoon


1. Wash halad /turmeric and ginger clean dry and peel with the help of peeler its outer scales, chopp

 the  turmeric and ginger into fine slices with knife. 

2.Take  chopped  turmeric, ginger  in a container add salt lemon juice and mix well.

3.Heat up pan on burner and roast mustard seeds, cool it and blend in a mixer jar as course powder.

4. Heat up pan add oil when oil is enough hot ,turn off the gas add  two pinches of asafetida (Hing) and mustard  powder cool it, then add chopped turmeric, ginger, again mix all gradients well in a steel pan.

5. Pickle is ready

6. Take sterilized bottle fill the pickle in glass bottle. Store  it in a freeze.

Turmeric pickle


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